House of Rossi


The House of Rossi The House of Rossi is a digital media label that produces, promotes and distributes artist and musicians with a community minded philosophy of using art to better humanity.

*Also proud members if Local Arizona First Association, (#artsaves and #peoplehelpingpeople indicatives).

House of Rossi – MT Media Fix (MT ART SET) MT & DaVincia The best friends, musicians and artists are a collaborative community adovcacy team for the arts. They work with various members of the community, organizations and network within the community to promote efforts for positive community alliances, community partnership promoting the betterment, advocacy for victims of violence, and be the voice of those with disabilities using art and music as a holistic approach in several mediums. They both wish to remain anonymous by using their artist names and reside in Green Valley and Catalina foothills.

MT- has been awarded numerous awards in fairs, contests and been featured in several local galleries exhibits as a new up and coming known artist as well as performing in several local venues. She is also the executive and cofounder Art Director of the House of Rossi Art division. Also, this artist is a community advocate for domestic violence, mental health and other aspects that promote using art as therapeutic outlet and raise community awareness for those in need. She attended EAC majoring in fine arts, graphic design and secondary teaching. She holds a board position on the House of Rossi as the Executive Director of Fine Arts and is a cofounder.

DaVincia – Is a local artist from the Catalina foothills, long-time humanitarian, professional musician, advocate for animal, domestic violence, human trafficking and behavioural health.

This artist has work with international charities, projects and coordinated concerts, events, and uses art to promote awareness, raise funds and awareness within communities to aid those that have slipped through the cracks due to lack of funding.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts and Sciences for in Music Production, Musicology and Graphic Art and a minor in Business Administration and is the founder of the House of Rossi and Executive director of the Music division as well as a painter that has sold painting internationally, been featured in several local exhibits and has performed and toured internationally.

She has been featured in a few local exhibits and privately sells artwork on commission. She holds a position on the Executive Board of the House of Rossi and is the founder. Both of these artist work as community advocates to help raise funding and aid to organisations or people in need on as part of the #artsaves entitative using music, art, volunteer contributions and public appearances.


ART – ART is a local artist that is also a nurse at the currently working at the local VA in Tucson but living in Sahuarita. She is attending college to further expand her degree in nursing to be able to teach others the art of care giving and facilitate therapeutic healing within the community. She works in acrylic, oil, metal and machinery, she has participated in numerous contest, fairs and regional exhibits. SET – A local artist from Vail, that wishes to remain as an anonymous contributor. SET is a painter, musicians that has over 10 years painting experience and over 20 years performing as a professional. musician nationwide throughout the United States. This artist works with multiple mediums of art including oil, acrylic, watercolours and has a knack for mechanics.