Creative Worship

Creative Worship – June 22

Creative Worship: what do we mean by that?

We like to interact with God – pray, meditate, think, reflect – using our whole selves: our hands, bodies. We believe that the Spirit can move you as you create, and that many of us learn and experience as much by doing as hearing and speaking.

Our production value is low. We’re not very slick. Sometimes the cue on the slide isn’t perfect. But we do our worship together, and it’s from the heart, and connects to God.

A normal service still has songs, more-or-less contemporary, and picked to be easy to sing. We pray, confess, read scripture. The pastor gives a short sermon/meditation which is followed by discussion, and usually done at the same time as we work on clay or other projects with our hands.

We have communion, which we invite every baptized person to take (no matter where you’re from).

We’ve been known to read poems or reflections people wrote, even paint or put things together. The interactive elements change from month to month, depending on the theme, and who offers to contribute.

There is no dress code. Most of us are very casual.