Open Space – Making the Mural in Las Vegas

We had the pleasure this August 1-4 at Open Space Church of going up to our fellow ELCA congregation Reformation Lutheran Church in Las Vegas. being in the same synod (The Grand Canyon Synod) it was a great chance to partner up to support one of our Lutheran urban churches that is undergoing renewal and regrowth, have some fun painting, and promote what we do at Open Space.

During those four days Citizen Klown and Ivan did the painting, while Pastor Lars worked on the video updates and supplies (sort of like being the business manager). We had great hospitality from Reformation Lutheran Church, and a visit from Miguel Gomez-Acosta of the Grand Canyon Synod office. On Wednesday of that week, we did a special spray-art class for the kids in the Reformation summer program called “Super-Charged Wednesdays”.

By Friday the mural was finished, showing the city of Las Vegas in silhouette, the countryside below, and Jesus in the middle. The Christ figure is based off a stone sculpture, which we adapted with spray paint. In the top left is the Luther Rose, and the bottom right is the logo for Reformation Lutheran Church. Around the edges are the planets.

You can see videos of the second and third days of painting on YouTube