Why we do art nights?

People ask what we do on Pizza Paint (open art nights).

We open up the storefront at 6:30pm, with tables all around.

Acrylic paints, markers (Molotow paint markers), colored pencils, and canvasses are out for anyone to paint on. Some are clean, some have been painted on, and the challenge is paint over. Some people bring their own canvasses, so they can take them home.

In the alley out back we set up the lights, easels, large canvasses, and plywood boards. Next to them we set out the spray paint – Molotow, Oinkart, and sometimes Ironlak.

Some of us paint. Some doodle in books. Some draw. Some make crafts.

Some of us just hang out and chat with old friends, or meet new people.

Occasionally someone brings an instrument and gives us some live music.

Around 7:30 we get our pizza.

We close at 9:30.

Nothing all that fancy. No obligation. Most who come are not members of Open Space, but just people in the city who want to do art, hang out, or enjoy some time away from home.