Brainstorm the Next 90 Days or So

So we’ve had a couple services, and learned that we can do it, and now it’s time to get back to the other part of the vision: having events and gatherings to build community, make art, and explore faith. So we’re meeting at the Cartel Coffee Lab on Thursday, March 6, at 8pm to plan out our next 3 months (or more). If we do this well, we shouldn’t have to have too many business meetings in the near future, and can just get back to what we want to be doing. So bring your ideas for:

Social Gatherings – plain old, get-to-know you and hang out events. Monthly. We’ll need hosts.

Table Talks – where we gather over refreshments and just talk about matters of God, faith, life and spirituality. We’ll need to pick some places, topics, and hosts to come up with discussion starters.

Venues – art, poetry, music, graffiti art – whatever we can think of.