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Name Change – Now “Open Space”

We’re changing our name to “Open Space” starting now. It’s going to take a little time to convert everything from “Worship Arts Community”

The reasons for the name change are several.

The name “Worship Arts Community” was a mouthful to say. It also is very specific, as if the only things we were about were worship and art. But what if you’re not personally an artist? And what about the other things we do that aren’t really art installations or worship. Nor did we want to give the impression that only artists are welcome.

We also felt that the name didn’t really convey what we’ve been trying to articulate, and that is that what we are trying to do is to create space to experience God and discover what that means. This is the idea of context over content. Our worship, or open venues, or forums for poets and artists are all ways to create a context, a safe and free space to experience God.