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Deep Forest – Poetry by Susan Clark

Susan Clark, one of our members, writes poetry. You can see her collection at Poetry Soup, or check out her blog at Susan’s Desert Creations. Here’s a recent one done for the theme of Letting Go.


The Deep Forest

Away from the noise of our own minds.
Here upon this mountain high,
the air clears out the garbage society
so deems to give us.
There’s a place in the desert that turns into
a high mountain forest.
My sisters and brothers, we who are artist,
poets, musical sorts, dancers of such grace,
true children of God.
Descendants from the writer’s passion of King David,
a poet of the highest order.
We who are his distant relations come to this place
to gather in divine joy.
In that deep forest where no one else dares to go,
because the rough terrain that one must cross to get there.
The perils and struggles of that journey are well worth the time
it takes to arrive at our destination.
The calm heals our minds. The voice of God tells us to be kind
and find our eternal treasures on the inside.
When these gifts and talents are put to good use for the good of others,
this creates true and lasting peace.
A place of beauty still unmarred by evil man’s ill and greedy schemes.
In this forest, there is a glade, and even a small stream of sparkling water,
channeling its current into a larger body of water somewhere down below.
The rhythm of nature is the temps that our writer’s hand, musicians instruments, the
dancer’s steps, an artists’ practiced hands falls in line with.
Dreams of love and true abundance will manifest to us on the outside
from the tender care that is taken today.
We, the Lord’s gifted children still create harmony up there above.
When you see us here below among the crowds of the cities, and if you dare
look us in the eye, then you will also want to know the mysteries of that deep, green forest.
I wonder, or are you yet slaves to this world’s master?
We who know, live in this world, but are not of this world.
We serve only One, our Heavenly Creator.