Looking for something different?

Open Space is not like other churches. As our name says, we’re open. We like to explore, think, ask questions, and create. We come from different backgrounds, different pasts, and none of us are perfect. Just people looking for a spiritual connection to God, and sharing in that with each other.
We believe that faith is a journey to be on, not a set of rules to obey. We prefer love to fear, compassion to laws, grace to punishment. We love Jesus, but are not interested in beating anyone over the head with his words, or using him as a weapon. We prefer to talk about Jesus’ love and caring and acceptance, and finding a life in him.
We don’t have all the answers, we are creating space for the journey. Whether you are an artist or not, whether you’ve been in church your whole life or never crossed the door, we are here to create the space for you to explore and experience God.

Open Space is a new community of believers and explorers, artists and friends of artists, people coming together to experience God and learn what that means.

Some of us are serious artists, some are not. We all come to discover God in our different ways.
We have no building, and we meet either at home for small group study, at The Studio for art and worship, or around town for fellowship.
We are a community that values relationship and fellowship, and we are open to all from whatever race, gender, sexual orientation you are.

We invite you to join us for any of our events, and participate as much as you want or feel comfortable doing. We’re a small enough community to be noticed, but a diverse community that values differences and creativity.

Some of us are life-long believers, others of us are new. Some of us are single, others of us have kids. We are no one type, except that we want to experience God in community and with creativity.


Open Space is a new church plant of the Grand Canyon Synod

of the  Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA).