At Open Space we are a worshiping community, but we do not have services on Sunday mornings. Instead, we meet on Thursday nights for our community life.

We do a different thing each week of the month, in a regular rhythm.

First Thursday: Bible Study/Fellowship

  • We gather at The Studio Space (4648 E. Speedway) at 7pm for conversation, study of scripture, prayer, and support for one another in highs and lows. You’re welcome to join us for some learning and fellowship. Usually goes until about 8:30pm.

Second Thursday and Third Thursday: Open Art Night – Pizza and Paint

  • These two nights are opportunities to work on art or other creative projects while enjoying some in informal conversation, sometimes around a central topic, sometimes just whatever comes up. We come together from 6:30pm – 9:30pm @ The Studio Space at 4648 E Speedway, Tucson. We keep it open three hours to allow time to make real progress in projects. Open to everyone. If you don’t paint (as many of us don’t), just join us for fellowship and conversation. Dinner comes with it, often Pizza.

Fourth Thursday: Creative Worship

  • Worship is something we do together, as a community, at Open Space. Each month has a theme, and a key Bible verse, around which we make different visuals and interactive stations to explore the text and the theme. There is music, and meditation, and prayer, and a message, and discussion of the message, and other things as the Spirit moves us. We know that people learn in different ways, and experience God through different media, so we try to have lots of opportunities to experience God and explore what that means for us as Christian Church, and as a individual followers of Jesus.
  • Our worship is also at The Studio Space at 4648 E Speedway, Tucson

Fifth Thursdays (when they come up): social events

  • Different times and places
  • Open to all
  • Can include things like BBQ’s or hikes.